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In 1919 two technicians, Harry Hibbert and Oswald Buckland formed a hosiery company in Nottinghamshire, England to manufacture and sell ladies stockings.  With a workforce of only 10 people and two machines, they quickly became know for quality and innovation that would change the face of women's hosiery forever.  Pretty Polly is credited with inventing the first hold ups.  They were also the first to use a blend of nylon and Lycra in their hosiery, which took the fashion world by storm. The result was a change in the way leg wear was made.  Today you would be hard pressed to find hold ups that are made with nylon only.

Pretty Polly is now a more than 100 year old company that has become synonymous with quality hosiery, innovation in the industry, and brand collaborations with celebrities and fashion icons.  Pretty Polly is a Great British Brand, renowned for delivering the latest wholesale lingerie, lougewear and hosiery trends in a light hearted, feminine approach and making quality,comfort and style the most important features of our products.

Pretty Polly considers the needs of women of all ages, applying innovation, creative design and some Great British quirkiness to proudly deliver superb quality products at affordable prices, helping to give women confidence throughout their day.

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Pretty Polly’s first nylons stockings were knitted in complete secret in the United States.

After the official release in the US, Pretty Polly sold four million of these nylon stockings in only 4 days and, after the war, New York’s store Macy’s is said to have sold 50,000 pairs in as little as six hours.



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