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Feel Like a Goddess

What is a son to do when his mom can't seem to find pretty bras after mastectomy?  Create a  fashionable line with flattering silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and designed with all of the features needed post-mastectomy, of course! Megami lingerie is modern, versatile, wire-free and tailored for comfort.

Megami is Japanese for 'Woman Goddess' and that's how you'll feel wearing the collections.  Made from the softest laces with microfiber pockets that fit all prosthesis, Megami's mission is to empower women with confidence boosting, luxurious, and thoughtfully designed lingerie.  


Megami is widely recognized in Europe as pioneers in creating quality fashion-forward lingerie designed to meet the medical needs of women who have undergone breast removal surgery. In a niche where there's a significant market gap, Megami has quickly emerged as the preferred choice for women across Europe who refuse to compromise on style and beauty even after a challenging operation. Our collections are currently available through more than 150 lingerie boutiques and high-end department stores across Europe, the UK, and Australia, and are now availalble across the U.S.

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