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Let's Get Perky!

Perkies Nips were launched to provide a consistent perky look for women who don't have perfectly perky nips all the time.  


These reusable nipple enhancers align with the pop culture trend of "free the nip" while also serving a purpose for women who have had mastectomies and no longer have nipples.


Perkies are made with medical grade adhesive with an infinity edge.  They are ready to go right out of the package and look natural under clothing.  Just attach them to clean dry skin and wear them out under your cutest tank. Perkies come in 3 skin tones, and are now available in 3 styles.  Petals are for a no-show nipple coverage, Nips are the standard nipple, and we now have a pierced option for a no pain edgy nip!


Perkies are also waterproof and great for the beach.  Your swimwear never looked so perfectly perky!  As an extra perk (see what we did there?), Perkies even provides an easy carrying pouch for travel.  


Actual Customer Review:

"This is such an amazing and life-changing product for people like me who have inverted nipples, or people like my mother, who underwent a mastectomy surgery from breast cancer! I ordered one for the both of us and we are so excited to feel a new sense or normalcy and confidence! Thank you for creating this product!"

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